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Tungsten is a natural, rare metal. Its hardness and durability give it many applications including being used for military grade projectiles and industrial catalysts.

Strontium Aluminate

Primarily known as ‘Glow Powder’, strontium aluminate is a crystalline powder which is used in my Glowstone Rings. It absorbs light and releases it as its own light, which comes in a variety of colors.


My selection of exotic and classic hardwoods range in size and color and come from all over the world.

Explore them all to see the natural beauty and intricacies of each one.

The Rain Forest Trust

I donate 5% of all profits made from my rings that include any kind of wood to the Rain Forest Trust. My goal is to help protect our trees, our rain forests, and our planet.


Customer Favorites

Timascus Ring


My Timascus rings are made from a blend of three titanium alloys twisted together. These rings are heat anodized, so the folds, twists, and layers made by the material’s composition all are different colors. Ranging from deep blues and purples, with streaks of bronze and gold as well. Being made from different titanium alloys, these Timascus rings are highly corrosion resistant so they won’t oxidize, and they’re very light weight.

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If your ring doesn’t fit, there is a $20 resizing fee to exchange it with one that does. Because of this, please ensure that you get your correct ring size from at least one local jeweler. I would recommend that you get sized by two or three jewelers if possible.

My pieces are hand-crafted to order in the USA. This means that depending on current order volume, your ring may take up to 2 weeks to ship. If you do in fact have a pressing occasion, feel free to contact me and I’ll do everything I can to get your ring to you in time.

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Non-Custom Items

  • If you request a replacement of your non-custom item due to sizing issues only, we will process a replacement with a ring that fits for a $50 resizing fee. We strongly recommend that our customers visit with a jeweler to get an exact and accurate ring size in US measurements.
  • After receiving the item we will perform an inspection of it. If we find that the item is damaged due to the item’s original defect or our negligence, then we will offer a replacement or full refund. If the cause is not found to be due to the item’s original defect or our negligence, we will not offer a replacement or full refund.
  • In any event, we will respond to you by email.
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