Damascus Steel

Damascus steel is a material made by combining layers of two or more steel alloys. These layers are stacked on top of one another and then folded and twisted together. The result is a metal with patterns that run through it. These patterns take on many different forms including twists that look like wood grain and layers that seem like raindrops. Originally, it was used to make blades in and around Damascus, Syria. This original Damascus steel was created with a special kind of metal called ‘Wootz Steel’ which was imported from India and Sri Lanka. Damascus was was and still is ideal for blades due to its combination of hardness and flexibility. The patterns are shown by etching the steel in a strong acid, which eats away at the layers. I make my rings using a stainless version of Damascus steel which keeps the metal from leaching into the wearer’s skin, which can often happen when wearing carbon Damascus.

This ring is handcrafted with a stainless twist Damascus steel made out of 200 layers of 304 and 316 steel.

Damascus Steel Rings