My selection of exotic and classic hardwoods range in size and color and come from all over the world.

Explore them all to see the natural beauty and intricies of each one.

Glowstone Inlays

I place inlays in my Glowstone Rings to create a natural feeling and personalized touch. These inlays include metals, semi-precious stones, and gemstones.

Black Ceramic

Known by another name, titanium carbide, black ceramic is a metal alloy with a hardness comparable to tungsten. Whilst it is very similar to tungsten in its difficulty to scratch or break, it is actually very light because of its partial make up of titanium. This makes for a material that is not only strong, but also has a low weight as well.


Often alloyed with other metals to become harder than most steels, titanium is regarded for its high strength to weight ratio. This makes it an excellent choice for engines, airframes, and aerospace applications.


Superconductor is composed of copper metal surrounding rods of niobium-titanium alloy. The alloyed rods go throughout the material, making a dotted or other pattern when cut in a cross section. It’s primarily used for its zero electrical resistance at low temperatures.


Tungsten is a natural, rare metal. Its hardness and durability give it many applications including being used for military grade projectiles and industrial catalysts.

Strontium Aluminate

Primarily known as ‘Glow Powder’, strontium aluminate is a crystalline powder which is used in our Glowstone Rings. It absorbs light and releases it as its own light, which can come in a variety of colors.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is created from layers of woven sheets of carbon filaments that are cast in resin. It is widely used for its very high strength to weight ratio in car, aircraft, and aerospace applications.

Damascus Steel

This special type of steel is created by folding layers of differing steel alloys together to create patterns. These patterns can vary from straight lines and stripes to twists that mimic the look of wood grain.