Titanium is a naturally occurring metal and element on the periodic table. It is praised for it’s high strength to weight ratio in comparison to steel, especially when alloyed with other metals. The metal is highly corrosion resistant and is used in many applications including aerospace and military use, just to name a couple. Also, titanium is not only found on Earth, but in meteorites, some types of stars, and on the moon as well. Titanium is a metal that can be anodized. Anodizing is a process where an electric current or heat is applied to the metal, causing the surface of the metal to change color. When anodized, titanium can range in colors from bright golds and bronzes to deep blues and purples.

On the left is a bar of pure CP-2 titanium. On the right is a piece of flame anodized Timascus, a titanium damascus alternative made by Alpha Knife Supply.